The following are all the rotations you will be doing over your 3 years at Southern Colorado Family Medicine.  You can also view the rotations by Post Graduate Year by clicking here (You must have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer to view this.)

Family Medicine is taught throughout the curriculum in a longitudinal fashion with the residents caring for for their individual panel of patients in the Family Medicine Clinic, at the home, in nursing homes and in the hospital. Residents have the opportunity to follow their patients and families through labor and delivery, surgical procedures, in the ICU, and all other phases of health and illness care. As with other family medicine residencies in Colorado the one month rural preceptorship is required at an in-state site. This will allow the resident to gain perspective on the lifestyle and practice of the rural physician. The elective and medicine subspecialty months allow the resident to direct their training toward areas of special interest. Practice Management will be taught by the faculty at their practice site. Behavioral science is emphasized throughout the 3 years of training. The behavioral science curriculum focuses on the doctor/patient relationship, interviewing skills, and the role of behavioral and emotional factors in understanding and treating patients and their families.

Advanced OB Training Tract

Residents who are interested in practicing Obstetrics in the rural US, may choose an advanced OB Training Tract. This 2 year curriculum differs from the usual curriculum in that there is more emphasis on Obstetrics, Surgery, and Anesthesia, while maintaining the other program requirements.