Family Medicine Center

Located adjacent to St. Mary Corwin Hospital, the Family Medicine Center is where the outpatient care takes place. The residency provides care to a socioeconomically diverse population, and utilizes a sliding-fee schedules for the medically indigent. Residents maintain their own patient panels of 100 to 150 families in their first year, 150-200 families in their second year, and 250-400 families their third year, under the direct supervision of the family physician staff. Currently we care for approximately 10,000 individuals, which accounts for 17,000 visits per year.

The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education requires residents to spend the following amount of time in the Family Medicine Clinic.

  • PGY-1 residents will spend 1-2 half days/week.

  • PGY-2 residents will spend 2-4 half days/week.

  • PGY-3 residents will spend 3-5 half days/week.